White Out

While Special Forces conducted coordinated line sweeps through Center Camp, a white out dissapear-oed the entire city. It was one of those “Where did I park my truck… wait… where’s the person that was right next to me… where did my goggles just fly off to…” moments.

wp-1-2After everyone found their buddy, and their buddy eventually found their truck, and all the trucks found each other, we took one last dusty group photo before evacuating. Blindly following GPS through the thick white haze we regrouped at the shoreline.


Special Forces getting blown around during a white out.



Barbarella bee-lining to the shoreline after Special Forces finally emerged from the white out.

A reluctant retreat, the crews were hungry for more.

“We drove past the next block we were going to sweep, and I was bumming to see all that good MOOP we were passing up because of the white out.” lamented Dumpster Coon.

Once we regrouped on the shoreline we did a quick roll-call before getting the stark weather report.




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